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Folk Singer/Songwriter  

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Modern folk & Vintage Americana.


“Fate” finds Amberlee: Debut EP available now.

Oregonian singer/songwriter Amberlee’s debut EP “Fate in the Desert” is an affecting, stirring journey through Modern Folk and Vintage Americana. From the haunting title track to the contrite-yet-coy “What a Pity” to the rich awakening of “Beautiful Day,” Amberlee’s sound is an authentic, addictive mix of the pure heart of Ella Fitzgerald and the raw grit of Johnny Cash. She embodies the timeless vocal stylings of a young Patsy Cline with contemporary moments as full and lush as those of Lana Del Ray and Adele.

Born on the road as the daughter of a traveling musician, Amberlee was destined to become a music-making wanderer. Though her progress was impeded by stage fright for many years, eventually the fear of never living her dream became stronger than the fear of rejection. So, with her ukulele and two children in tow she traveled a 1500 mile journey to make her first record in a desert destination location, the listener can feel the desert influences, and the pioneering spirit of a determined, burgeoning artist in each and every track.  


Amberlee recorded in the small New Mexico town of Truth or Consequences, with the production team of female led-producer Naomi Sparrow (Moody Little Sister) and Executive Producer Rob Stroup (8 Ball Studio). "Fate in the Desert" is a fitting title track. With veteran musician Paul Brainard on the trumpet and lap steel, the whimsical bass lines of Anne Luna and the flawless harmonies of Flagship Romance this album sets the scene for some of life’s most contrasting affairs.


Between production and performances, Amberlee's first EP makes a bold first impression.  Listeners will surely be eager to hear more from Amberlee in the future. 






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